Monday, December 15, 2014

Be a Spy..

So.. Most of this post has nothing to do with crafting in any way at all! BUT.. it is something that I want to talk about, mostly because I want to take part in it!

This, with the title in mind, is live action, real life adventure, spy games. What? Yeah.. today I watched a re-run of one of my favorite t.v. shows, Castle, and it was an episode where a fake spy was killed. This reminded me that last time I saw the episode I wanted to look into this and maybe even do it but like a lot of things I plan on doing it got lost in the endless to do list I have in my head!

So today, as I sat and did nothing, I looked it up and there are many... many companies out there that are doing this live action, real live adventure, spy game thing... but none that are like what was on the show.
Now here comes the crafty part, after a little more explanation of course... All of the spy games I have found are ones that groups of people can sign up for as team building exercises or a company and family fun day.

Crafty part!!: Now instead of paying $100 or more to join one of these you can make a spy game yourself. If you are looking for something to do for a party or just for fun with some friends, mostly adults, you can do a little brain storming and spend maybe $30 to make one yourself!!

Maybe I will make one and post it on here some day.. but tonight isn't the night.

Happy crafting!

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