Friday, December 12, 2014

Crochet Boot Cuffs!!

I, like many people, am a Pinterest addict and a few days ago I was looking for some cute and easy crochet projects and I cam across a very cute boot cuff and finger-less glove pattern. This pattern is free and is by Crochet Dream, and the Finger-less glove/boot cuff post can be found HERE.

I really like this and it is a very easy pattern to do! And I like easy when it comes to crocheting, mainly because any examples or visual (video) instruction on how to do a stitch is not left handed friendly. So patterns like these are very nice when it comes to me crocheting and it is easy to throw in your own little alteration here and there if you want a slightly different look to it. As you will see from my pictures and then going to the originals page they do look different.

The pattern starts off with a simple band that you sc together, and at the end of that sc line you continue around the edge to form the bottom portion of the boot cuff. Simple and easy to add your own touches!

One thing I did that isn't on the pattern is weave in some this elastic string on the inside. For me this is a little assurance that the boot cuff will stay in place when wearing it. This is a person preference but also suggested!

So Happy Crocheting!

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